Influencer transparency, diversity, minimalism, affordability… all trends that have us excited for 2020!

Influencer transparency

We’ve long known that influencers are worth their weight in gold to brands and consumers alike. They provide authentic first-hand views and reviews of the latest and greatest products and take great care to create authentic content.

Recently influencer audiences as well as their clients (the cosmetic brands) have started insisting on transparency. Readers and viewers want to know when they are being paid to promote brands as this retains the feel of authenticity.

Better quality content and higher engagement is also being demanded from influencers with the trialing of removing the visible number of ‘likes’ on both Instagram and Facebook in many countries. The reasoning is that you won’t assume something is good because you see it has 10 000 likes – you’ll decide for yourself.


Gone are the days where it’s assumed the majority of consumers are young and Caucasian. Retailers are becoming more demanding and are insisting on a minimum number of foundation shades from a brand, for example.

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With a lot of focus on the traditional ‘mid-range’ age group and their assumed ready-to-spend disposable income, the focus is shifting to include more offerings for under 25s and over 55s.

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Multi-purpose minimalism returns

Remember when Korean beauty and its 11 skincare steps were all the rage? Turns out that wasn’t sustainable for most of us mere mortals. There’s a refocus on retaining customers by selling multi-functional products that do a great job instead.

The motivation is three-fold – we don’t have the time, we can’t afford it, and we’re more conscious of the environmental impact of cosmetic products.

Conscious consumerism

To tie I with the above, most people have become more aware of what they spend their money on, and whether they actually need to buy as many items as before. Most people will spend a little more on a product or service that will do more or last longer.

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Consumers like you and I are no longer pacified by vague claims – they want to know what the deal is. Whether it’s animal testing or natural/oganic/clean/preservative free claims – if a brand makes it, they have to be prepared to back it up.

Celebrity and indie brands

I suspect we’re going to see even more celeb and indie beauty brands in 2020 and beyond. I’m not saying they’ll all be equally good, but influencers and celebs are using their platforms to punt their causes – and it’s mostly been working for them.

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