The hair trend is definitely clear; if you’re going glam, your hair has got to go up

Here are our favourite DIY up-do’s you can perfect at home without much hassle or an entire salon of products.

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The jumbo ponytail

Beyoncé did it, Pearl Thusi did it and there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t do it too! Our favourite thing about the jumbo ponytail is it works for just about every hair type.

Whether you’re growing a TWA (teeny weeny afro), have dreadlocks, relaxed hair or even a flowing, silky mane, the jumbo ponytail is something you can pull off with just a little hair gel, a lot of Marley braid hair and a few elastic bands.

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  • Step 1:  Use the gel to get your hair into a sleek ponytail at the centre of your head or higher. Make sure your hair is sleeked down well laying down your edges.
  • Step 2:  Use three or more packs of Marley braid hair (preferably in your hair colour) to create a long ponytail attachment. Make sure you don’t get any gel on your attachment and keep it as bushy and voluminous as possible.
  • Secure the attachment onto your hair, making sure to cover your natural ponytail completely with the attachment.
  • Step 3: Use hair elastics to tie defined sections or segments on the attachment working your way down to the end. Make sure your sections are full and your elastic ties are tight; this can make or break the entire look.

For a different take on the jumbo ponytail, do a two-strand twist on your attachment instead of sectioning it with elastic bands. Make sure to properly secure it at the end of your braid.

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The doughnut bun

There are so many different types of buns out there: the messy bun, the high-top bun, the chignon… but our favourite type of bun will always be the doughnut bun.

It has nothing to do with its resemblance to one of our favourite desserts (we have many) and everything to do with how classically neat it is. It’s survived years of trends, and while it has never been particularly trendy, it has always been stylish.

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  • Step 1: Tie your hair in a ponytail. Use this step to figure out where on your head you prefer your bun. With a doughnut bun, you do not want to move further forward than the centre of your head. While many hairstyles work with buns or ponytails slightly to the front of the head, the doughnut bun is best left at the back of the head or at the very most right at the centre. The positioning will all depend on the shape of your head.
  • Step 2: Neaten your hair, and sleek it down with a little gel if you need to. Brush your edges up for a more classic look.
  • Step 3: Twist your hair around your ponytail in a single strand twist. Make sure your twist is tight with no strands escaping. Roll your flat twist around your ponytail forming a doughnut.
  • Step 4: Secure your bun with a hair elastics and pins and tuck in the ends of your bun.

Tip: this works with all hair types as long as your hair is long enough to twist into a bun. If you feel your relaxed hair is too thin to form a good-sized doughnut or you have an afro that won’t go the distance, using one packet of Marley braid hair, add a ponytail attachment then roll your doughnut.

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