This week saw fashionistas brave the cold to take in the shows at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

E! Entertainment host Giuliana Rancic attended the Dennis Basso show in one of the designer’s coats and man, is it a doozy

Now, I know that designers send the guests items to wear which would explain exactly what is happening here.

Giuliana kept it simple underneath with an all-white ensemble, but nothing could save the fur and snakeskin coat that appears to be having an identity crisis

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It looks like a python and a bear got into a fight and let’s be honest, there are no winners here

Sometimes outfits look better on the runway or they’re simply on the wrong person, but this just is an ugly coat and no one can save it, not even one of the skinniest women in the world. It’s just so unflattering and bulky.

Someone needs to tell Dennis Basso that two dead animals does not make for an interesting juxtaposition, it just makes a mess that will haunt PETA’s dreams.

The colours are unappealing and the placement of the fur panels is killing me

I mean what would possess a designer to think, “Hmm, you know what would be great? If we sewed tons of fur under the bust of the snakeskin bodice”?

So who policies the Fashion Police?

I suppose Giuliana will have to put out an APB on her style, herself.

What do you think of this look?