We all know the drill – weight loss is linked to diet, exercise and calorie control. But how do you turn this knowledge into healthy lifestyle habits?

Habits are something that may start out as a ‘chore’ but as we do them over and over again, they become easier and part of our lifestyle. For example, as a kid your parents taught you to brush your teeth regularly. While you may have struggled to hold a toothbrush and squeeze out the toothpaste when you were a toddler, it’s now something you do ‘automatically’ and easily every day.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn our weight-loss goals into daily habits that can last a lifetime? Here’s the good news: We CAN!

Research has shown us that the healthiest people have certain habits that they stick to. Here are six of the most important habits for you to add to your daily routine in order to kick off your healthy lifestyle and weight-loss regime.

(While there are a few factors that can influence weight loss/gain outside of these six habits – such as medication, and hormones, these are a good foundation to begin with.)

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Here are six healthy habits you should adopt today:

1. Eat breakfast

Eating in the morning is important for a variety of reasons, including controlling the rest of the day’s eating, improving brain function, and supplying the energy to power you through the day.

You should ideally aim to have a high-protein, and high-complex carbohydrate breakfast like eggs and wholegrain toast, but if you’re not a morning eater, then a protein shake will do. Just make sure to have something high in protein for best results.

This will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and you won’t end up with a craving for doughnuts or other refined high-carb treats by 10am. Set yourself up for success at the start of every day, and you’ll find that sticking to your diet for the rest of the day is much easier!

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