Alec Baldwin, James Franco, Heidi Klum, Anjelica Huston and John Cleese are just some of the famous names behind the characters in this charming Arctic adventure…

Here’s why you and the family should see Arctic Justice in cinemas 24 January:

In the beautiful, remote Arctic village of Taigasville, a tiny fox named Swifty (Jeremy Renner) has big dreams of becoming a “top dog”! Celebrity husky courier dogs—and town heroes—that deliver life-saving goods in the harsh and frigid tundras.


Swifty gets a job working alongside the top dogs at the Arctic Blast Delivery Service (ABDS)

There, he becomes friends with P.B. (a thoughtful polar bear, voice over by Alec Baldwin), and Lemmy (an absent-minded albatross, voice over by James Franco). Swifty is just a low-ranking lever puller, but he’s determined to work his way up.

To impress his crush, Jade (a worldly red fox, voice over by Heidi Klum), Swifty steals an ABDS sled to deliver an urgent package for her to a mysterious dwelling in the middle of nowhere. After the ABDS’s strict manager Magda catches him boasting, she suspends Swifty from work.

Swifty is captured by Bertha and Leopold, two nutty conspiracy theorist otters who recruit him to uncover some sinister plans, which seem to be connected to the Arctic’s rapidly rising temperatures. Swifty investigates and learns that the top dogs have abruptly quit. Pitching himself as the town’s only delivery solution, Swifty is soon back at the remote dwelling.

The secret cave of Otto Von Walrus!

A blubbery evil genius with an adorable army of puffin assistants, Swifty stumbles upon Otto’s master plan: To drill beneath Taigasville, unleash enough ancient gas to melt the Arctic and become its ultimate ruler!

Swifty and his ragtag group of friends must band together to fight an epic battle. It’s only when Swifty embraces his natural abilities that he is able to save Taigasville—and the Arctic—from utter destruction.

Arctic Justice is in cinemas from 24 January – Be sure to take the whole family to this epic adventure! Only in cinemas!

Watch the trailer below: