On Tuesday it was announced that Canadian rapper Drake would be touring in South Africa as part of a multi-country African tour

But before we got too excited, we did some digging.

South African Drake fans have been disappointed before, so we can understand why they were hesitant to believe the latest news.

Initial reports first made their way to local rap publication, SA Hip Hop magazine, who seemingly confirmed that the rapper would be performing in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. This would have been his first Mzansi concert since he performed at Castle Lite Unlocks back in 2011.

The magazine also added that Drake would be performing in March, before releasing the ticket prices for the would-be concert, and this is where many people spotted the first red flags. Tickets looked to be unrealistically high, with golden circle tickets selling for over R1 800 while some hospitality packages were valued at R18 000.

Secondly, once users decided to click through to the ticket-sellers, a previously unheard-of website called BookConcerts.Live, it quickly became apparent that this was a scam waiting to happen. Users were directed to a Canadian website which was registered less than a month ago.

As with many fake concert rumours, BET was listed as a sponsor but the channel heads have quickly distanced themselves from any involvement in the show.

As if this wasn’t convincing enough for fans, there is no mention of African tour dates on Drake’s website or on any concert tracking platforms for that matter

If it looks like fake news, sounds like fake news and walks like fake news – it’s probably fake news.

In typical fashion, South Africans greeted the latest Drake rumour in humorous fashion when they reacted to the news on social media:

The last thing South Africans need is more drama with an international artist

Last year ended on a sour note after Rick Ross’s three-city tour was cancelled in dramatic fashion. Insiders revealed that a dodgy promoter had walked off with the funds that would have been used to host the show. Let’s hope these sagas haven’t ruined the possibility of Drake performing in Mzansi one more time in his career: