Clothes are meant to come out of the laundry looking better than when they went in, not worse! If you’re noticing marks on your ‘clean’ laundry, it’s time to tweak your cleaning routine…

Visible powder

If your items come out of the wash with laundry powder attached, this means you are overdoing the amounts. Remember that modern detergents are way more efficient than they once were, and be sure to read the instructions carefully.

Colour, bleach or liquid stains

If you’re noticing patches of discoloured fabric, chances are you’re letting the concentrated cleaning materials come into contact with the fabric.

The correct way to load a top-loader (the most common culprits) is to add laundry, then water, then soap. You’ll want to tweak that slightly if using bleach. Make it water, laundry, soap, just to make sure the fabric is wet and the bleach dissipates properly

Oily, dark marks

If you didn’t mistakenly wash greasy clothes with cleaner laundry, this generally indicates that there could be an issue with your washing machine itself. Time for a service!

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Though frustrating, marked laundry is often a clear indicator of where your routine needs tweaks, and will save hassles in the long run.