Tupperware revolutionised storage, and you probably have a fridge full of it at the moment

There’s nothing so disheartening, however, as finding out your pricey plasticware has picked up the whiff of your pre-chopped onions or last night’s curry…

The smell may seem impossible to beat – but not with this trick up your sleeve:

One thing to note is that it’s never a great idea to bleach Tupperware to remove the smell. It doesn’t really work, and will often compromise the lifespan of the item. You’ll have better luck with some diluted vinegar – but again, don’t leave it sitting in the tub too long, as the acid can also damage the finish.

Safer bets are solid smell absorbers, which will get the job done without ruining the plastic

People report good luck with bicarb, fresh cat litter and even coffee grounds. By far the most effective method, however, is to wad up some newspaper and loosely stuff the item.

Leave the item closed a few days, then discard the paper.

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This method, surprisingly, also works well on smelly fridge compartments.