If you suffer regularly from heartburn, then you know the pain, discomfort, and inconvenience it causes…

Heartburn is really uncomfortable, and most of the time, it is totally avoidable, too. Unless you have a chronic medical condition that results in unavoidable heartburn, there are a number of ways you can significantly decrease the number of heartburn incidents you suffer from.

Not only does your diet affect your weight, your mental health, and your energy levels, it also has a significant impact on heartburn. This may sound obvious, but there are some food combos that could be causing your heartburn that you never knew about.

Here are five top tips for avoiding heartburn:

1.     Avoid alcohol (and coffee)

Especially carbonated alcohol, like beer and champagne. Alcohol is a trigger for heartburn, and carbonation (fizziness) makes it worse. I’m not saying don’t have a drink every now-and-then. But I am saying you should be moderate, and try to drink ‘flat’ alcohols like whisky or wine (also in moderation!).

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Coffee has also been shown to exacerbate heartburn due to the high caffeine content. Stick to high quality coffee (not instant) and only drink a cup or two per day. Don’t add loads of milk and sugar. If you still experience reflux, you’ll have to cut down completely and switch to something less acidic. How about some Rooibos?

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