Is all DIY created equal? Ask anyone who started with an ‘easy’ plumbing problem and ended up having to refurb the house because of flooding, and you’ll know the answer is a firm ‘No’!

What tasks can you do even if you aren’t a DIY whizz-kid? We take a look:

First things first, we all have different interests. Some of us have garages (or workshops) packed full of tools, others not so much!

But every home should have the basics

A toolbox with screwdrivers, pliers, screws and bolts, a hammer, wrenches and a drill.

Living alone is not an excuse to skip the DIY! You’ll save yourself a small fortune by tackling the small stuff yourself.

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Most jobs that can be tackled without a ton of special tools are safe for budding DIYers

They’re also the type to strike the right balance between cost (and time) investment and savings.

You can also take a look on YouTube and asses the complexity from instructional videos.

If you find you’d have to buy a ton of extra tools or materials for the job, it’s probably best left alone.

Most basic property maintenance tasks can be done yourself at a far cheaper price tag. Doing a ‘patch job’, however, isn’t the aim of the exercise.

If you find yourself out of your depth, there’s nothing wrong with calling in some expert knowledge.