Last updated on Jun 21st, 2021 at 01:44 pm

Good co-parenting means putting the kids first

Divorce is difficult. Throw children, two households and differing parenting styles into the mix and you have a recipe for drama – something you (and your kids) can definitely use less of!

But, good co-parenting means putting the kids first. And, that means getting along with your ex, even if seems near impossible.

Here are three basic tips for getting it right:

1. Listen!

Constructive communication requires you to listen to your partner, or in this case, your ex-partner.

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Whether you agree with what they’re saying, or not, give them the opportunity to ‘get it all out’.

Lead by example, and hope that when it’s your turn to talk, they will afford you the same courtesy.

2. Think before you speak

It’s easier said than done: He says something, your temper rises and before you know it, you’ve foregone your filter and blurted out something that you could have said differently – or not at all!

Not every action requires an immediate reaction. You’re allowed to take a minute or two to respond, to be wise and kind with your words, especially if your children are within earshot.

3. Know when to walk away

Is your ex picking an unnecessary fight? Accusing you of something you never did? Raising his voice?

Walk away…

Some things are just not worth losing your sanity, integrity or joy over.

Know when a situation or interaction does not serve you (or your children), and learn to walk away.