Consider limiting high calorie beverages to only the weekend.

This is a simple way to cut down on taking in hundreds of unnecessary calories. It will be especially useful if, for example, you have many drinks during the week – whether it’s high calorie beverages after work with colleagues or indulging in a huge glass of wine during the late evenings with your spouse.

Similarly, cut down on the high calorie beverages when dining out or purchasing takeaways during the week. Not many people realise the number of calories contained in just one can of the drink!

Have water

Satisfy your thirst with some water. Some people prefer water at room temperature whilst others prefer iced water. Add some strawberries or a slice of lime for a change in taste. You will be amazed at how many calories you can save just by limiting high calorie beverages to only the weekend.

Save calories, maintain your ideal weight and stay healthy.

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