A new year is a great excuse for a makeover. Change things up by updating your 2019 favourites and creating outfits that are as good as brand new

It’s a new year and a new you, but that doesn’t mean throwing out everything you’ve learned about fashion and your personal style. Give the outfits you know and love a fresh new look, and you may end up loving them even more.

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The jeans and t-shirt look

We went from being all about skinny jeans to loving boyfriend jeans then being crazy about mom jeans. Now we can’t get over the return of bootleg jeans.

Denim is staying on the vintage track; bootleg jeans are the perfect opportunity to join the old-school jeans style with the still-very-hot boho trend.

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Wear a vintage or vintage-inspired t-shirt with your bootleg jeans for a simple, casual, but very trendy look.

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 Your favourite crop top

Crop tops aren’t just a fun casual t-shirt option anymore. Your favourite midriff-cooling t-shirt is firmly in the smart casual trend section this year.

Culottes (which are making a huge comeback this year) are an awesome partner for crop tops – together they make a great smart-casual outfit. Worn with a good pair of mules, this look is a triple threat: comfortable, trendy and stylish.

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2020 fashion makeover

Bermuda shorts to work?

Midi shorts have served us well as an alternative to short shorts in our summer casual outfits, but they’re coming to the office this year. Bermuda shorts make a great alternative to the pencil skirt and add a trendy edge to your work wardrobe.

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fashion makeover 2020

We’re still bagging paperbag skirts

Like Bermuda shorts, the paperbag skirt is taking itself a lot more seriously this year. It’s going to be a great piece for your work wardrobe.

Instead of casually pairing it with a vest or t-shirt, consider a formal blouse or shirt instead. Wear your paperbag skirt in the same way you would wear a formal A-line skirt.

2020 makeover

See-through tops are still on top

See-through tops were all the rage last year. Whether you wore them with a pretty bra or a matching camisole, the look was on point.

Get a different look from your see-through top this year by wearing a camisole of contrasting colour underneath it. This will accentuate whatever pattern is on your main top and also give your outfit a playful look.

2020 makeover