We’re officially counting down the hours until the bundles of joy are back at school! If the walls of their bedrooms could talk, they’d tell you it’s been a very long holiday…

Tidying up their rooms after the holiday helps get their minds back into learning gear. Optimising their space is just one more thing you can do to help your kids make the most of the coming school year.

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Storage is the key to getting organised

“A place for everything and everything in its place,” is a good phrase to live by – especially when you have children in the house.

Avoid messy manic morning searches for things that, by all accounts, have grown legs and walked away from where they were put. Create a place for everything and a routine to make sure everything ends up exactly where it should be.

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Keep toys and other things you won’t be needing on a daily basis in closed storage crates. Keep stationery, clothes and things they need for school on hand and in storage racks where they are visible to avoid unpacking and repacking.

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kids storage

Set up activity stations

Activity stations contain the mess made during activities. Setting up a home work station should also help you keep all your children’s books, stationery and school stuff in the same place. A getting dressed station limits where that errant shoe could be…

Create stations by setting up storage and all the things your child may need for a specific activity in one place. Set rules about using those spaces and moving things from one area to another.

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kids storage

Give the kids some responsibility

Giving children chores and responsibilities around the home is said to promote learning and responsibility. It also gives parents a break from constantly cleaning up and fighting about the state of the home.

Giving children age-appropriate chores (especially around organising and tidying up their rooms) will make it as important to them as it is to you that they keep things as they should be.

When making room for all your children’s stuff, keep in mind that they will be responsible for putting their things away. Avoid storing their everyday things in hard to reach places – that way they’ll have no excuse for not pitching in.