If you have already slipped up with your New Year’s resolutions, here’s a simple way to reset and get back on track…

Health-related goals – like losing weight and quitting cigarettes – are the most common New Year’s resolutions, but they also seem to be the most difficult to keep.

You’re not alone in the struggle to keep resolutions.

According to The Monday Campaigns’ survey of nearly 1 000 people, only a quarter of people kept their resolutions for the year.

So how can you reset and reach your 2020 goals?

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The answer could be using Monday as the day to reset your goals and get back on track after a slip-up.

With Monday, you have 52 opportunities in a year. If you fall short one week, there’s always an opportunity just around the corner, so you don’t have to wait that long to make a change,” says Ron Hernandez, managing director of The Monday Campaigns.

10-Minute flat belly workout

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