According to Pinterest’s trends report, these will be the top gardening and home décor trends for 2020

Pinterest reflects the aspirations of 320 million people who regularly ‘pin’ what they love (and would love to have). According to the report, these are the gardening and home décor trends to look out for this year:

Climate conscious

Around the world, people are demanding action on climate change, shifting toward more conscious consumption and considering personal steps to help save the planet. The following trends this collective consciousness:

Interest in Climate change protest signs is up by 5 961% and another form of art raising awareness about the environment is ocean trash art (up 39%) in which artists are turning ocean pollution into art.

There is a growing interest in living a low-waste lifestyle (+446%) and implementing eco-friendly swaps (+172%), like using glass instead of plastic. In line with low-waste living, searches for thrifted home decor are up by 308%.

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In search of balance

According to Pinterest trend forecasters, people will be ‘thinking about wellness’ in ‘an everyday way.’ This means looking for easy habits to adopt that can help counter anxiety and stress.

In relation to home decor, this is seen in a focus on creating a retreat at home and a renewed interest in Feng shui decor (searches are up 137%).

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