These 5 beauty tips will be the best resolutions you make for your skin (and teeth) in 2020!

Pick your poison

Choose one active ingredient and/or treatment product that addresses a skin concern you have and stick to it for a year.

While many products may promise (and deliver) results sooner, you’ll be rewarded with long term results if you stick it out.

Whether sensitivity, breakouts, dehydration or hyperpigmentation is your skin nemesis; do your research, choose a product to treat it with and follow through.

Improve one dietary habit

There are a multitude of mixed reviews and various expert opinions on just how much diet affects your skin.

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If you know diary/red meat/refined sugar/not enough greens/not enough water/a lack of essential fatty acids is affecting your skin, now is as good a time as any to make one dietary change.

If you’re not certain of any dietary habits affecting your skin, a good starting point would be to either increase your water or your fresh veg intake.

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Sunscreen should be it

If you’re not yet wearing SPF30+ on all exposed areas daily (yes, even when you’re not planning to spend time outdoors), you should get your head out of the sand and catch a big fat wakeup call.

You’re putting your long-term health at great risk – malignant melanomas are among the most lethal cancers out there with very dire 5-year survival rates – and that’s just one of the skin cancers.

An evening routine

I don’t blame you if you’re rolling your eyes – I do the same if I read ‘wash your face at night’ as a beauty tip.

If you haven’t yet managed to get into the habit, dedicate 30 days to it (along with following with your new targeted skincare treatment and you’ll likely never drop the habit again.

While we’re at it – if you’ve either not been brushing your teeth or flossing at night, now is the time.

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Tend to the wounded soldiers

If you’re human, you’ll have a collection of half-used products that have been pushed to the side in favour of something newer, better or shinier.

Round up all the fallen soldiers and see what you can combine (body washes and lotions aren’t too fussy, you can usually mix them together), what you can finish using, and what you want to throw out.

Remember to not repurchase any of the products you didn’t bother finishing in the first place.