Before we dive into a new year of beauty trends, let’s pay homage to the top beauty trends for 2019, according to Pinterest…

Another year has come and gone, and with it an entire bunch of beauty trends – some we loved, some we weren’t sure of, and some that had us going “what the actual?!”.

And while 2020 is sure to bring with it some fabulous (and some not-so fabulous) beauty trends, having a look back at the some of the top beauty trends of the past year is a great way to get our beauty brains inspired and ready to experiment.

Here’s what Pinterest listed as their top beauty trends for 2019, as per your searches…

Baby bangs

While cutting a fringe is always risky business, this bold statement is one that, when done by a professional, can look really cool. A super short fringe, or baby bang, is a style you should certainly chat to your stylist about before making the cut, as it definitely won’t work for all hair types and face shapes, but once you take the plunge, rock it, baby!

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Liquid exfoliator

While the typical exfoliator comes in powder or gel form, a gentler liquid exfoliator has been trending up a storm due to the fact that it’s often kinder to the skin and leaves it looking brighter and feeling oh-so smooth. Most product ranges have a liquid exfoliator, so ask your skin care specialist if you’re interested in trying one out.

Grey hair

More and more ladies and letting their natural hair colour take the lead – even if that colour is grey – and we love it! Allowing your hair to go au natural leaves it so much healthier, and with the right hair products, your silver mane will be gleaming away.

Bold lips

Bright, bold lip colours were all the rage last year, and for good reason. With time being no one’s friend, a lick of foundation and mascara paired with a bold lip leaves you looking, and feeling, ready to take on the world.

Witch hazel

This natural product has become a firm favourite in the beauty world for its seemingly magic properties on your skin; it can help shrink pores, reduces inflammation, soothes the skin, is great for acne and oily skin and can even help with sunburn. It certainly can’t hurt adding this natural ingredient to your skincare routine.

Lilac hair

While strands of colour in the hair has been on the rise for a little while now, soft, pastel lilac was up there with the most popular. We love a subtle pop of colour anywhere, so why not consider giving this one a go?

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Lash lifts

Va-va-voom lashes were all the rage, and while there are a number of ways to give your lashes a volumizing burst, natural ways of doing this have been trending up a storm. Think castor oil, grapeseed oil and aloe vera – all of which have properties that stimulate hair growth.

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Almond-shaped nails

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed long nailed with an almond shaped point all over your Instagram feeds. While long nails aren’t for everyone, this shape is certainly way more softening on your hands than the classic square.