Summer is ice-cream season, so here are three ways to reuse plastic ice-cream containers at home that will help you save money

Homemade takeaways

If you’ve ever lost food storage containers after sending guests home with leftovers, save yourself money by keeping a stack of used ice-cream containers.

The next time you send visiting friends and family home with food, you will have containers that don’t have to be returned.

Drawer organisers

Instead of buying drawer organisers, use white one-litre ice-cream containers.

Ice-cream containers make great drawer dividers for everything from kids’ clothes and underwear, to art-and-craft supplies and helping sort out that junk drawer.

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Water catcher

Use ice-cream containers to catch run-off water from the kitchen and bathroom sinks, for reuse in your home and garden.

For example, use the run-off from washing vegetables to water your indoor pot plants or garden and a day’s worth of saved bathroom hand basin water could be enough to mop the floors with. It’s a simple way to help the planet and reduce your monthly water bill.