We crunched the numbers and created a list of our readers’ top ten recipes that were published in 2019. These are the best of the year – make sure that you add them to your list of sweet treats to whip up and enjoy.

1. Old-Fashioned Baked Sago Pudding recipe



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Our top sweet treat recipe for 2019 was this delicious old-fashioned sago pudding.

2. Super Moist Oil Chocolate Cake recipe






Chocolate cakes are always a classic treat to serve. This recipe makes a super moist cake with very decadent icing

3. Microwaved Vanilla Fudge recipe








The third most popular recipe was something that can be made in minutes – this microwaved fudge!

4. Best Ever Carrot Cake recipe





This carrot cake recipe goes above and beyond to include pineapple and walnuts.

5. Date Squares recipe









Number five is this recipe for date squares – a traditional South African favourite!

6. Nutella Hot Chocolate Bomb recipe






This recipe was highly popular during the winter months and shows you how to make the most decadent Nutella hot chocolate

7. Chocolate Crunchies recipe







These chocolate crunchies are a great, easy recipe to whip up. Perfect for bake sales, picnics or simply a sweet snack at tea time.

8. Homemade Romany Creams recipe








If you want to create a more healthy version of your favourite biscuit, try this recipe.

9. Mosbolletjies recipe








While not technically a dessert recipe, a Mosbolletjies loaf is typically enjoyed with butter and tons of syrup.

10. Melt-in-your-mouth Marvellous Malva Pudding recipe








The final recipe on our list is this melt-in-your-mouth Malva pud. Serve with warm custard!