There’s a reason why coffee and cake complement each other – coffee may prevent weight gain linked to eating a rich, sugary treat

Scientists have found that caffeine limited weight gain and cholesterol production in rats, despite a diet that was high in fat and sugar.

This suggests that caffeine may offset some of the negative effects of a diet high in fat and sugar by reducing the storage of lipids in fat cells and limiting weight gain and the production of triglycerides.

Rats that consumed caffeine gained 16% less weight and accumulated 22% less body fat than rats that didn’t consume caffeine

How drinking coffee may help you lose weight

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The equivalent of four cups of coffee

For four weeks, the rats in the study ate a diet that contained 40% fat, 45% carbohydrate and 15% protein. They also ingested caffeine in an amount equivalent to that of a human who drinks four cups of coffee daily.

At the end of the four-week period, the percentage of lean body mass in the various groups of rats differed significantly. The rats that ingested caffeine accumulated less body fat than rats in the other groups.

Scientists at the University of Illinois found that the rats who consumed caffeine gained 16% less weight and accumulated 22% less body fat than the rats who didn’t consume caffeine.

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Source: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, News Bureau via


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