Reduce your risk of falling ill by improving the state of your health.

Make small changes to your daily lifestyle habits. Take each one a step at a time. After some time you will find that you are feeling and looking much healthier. Best of all – it will reduce your chances of falling ill.

Here are some suggestions on what you can do.

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Are you drinking sufficient water?

Hydration is very important for our wellbeing. It helps keep us cool and relaxed whilst hydrating our body on a deeper level.

Keep a jar of water on your desk at home or at work. If you get tired of the plain taste, flavour it! You can do this by adding a slice of lemon or two to the water. Mint leaves and strawberries also provide a unique yet refreshing taste.

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Never leave your home without carrying a filled water bottle with you. Take sips throughout the day. You may find that you will need a refill at some point which is great for your hydration levels.

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