Is keeping your fresh produce firm, tasty and ready to eat proving a headache?

The key to effective fresh storage that preserves the fruit or veggie at it’s best (as well as those delicious vitamins) lies in understanding where it is most vulnerable.

Salad tomatoes, for example, often rot from the stem end. This is where the tomato once attached to the plant or vine, and when they’re plucked a small ‘scar’ is left.

They are left vulnerable to moisture evaporating from this point, and air (as well as bacteria) can also gain entrance at this point.

Provided the rest of the flesh is firm and the skin undamaged, this should be the only weak spot.

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Look for tomatoes that have a nub of stem intact for the longest life

If they are cut down to the fruit alone, store the tomato stem-end down to reduce air flow and keep moisture inside the tomato.

This simple tweak will keep your salads fresh and delicious for much longer.