It’s the New Year! What better time to put some new strategies in place to ensure a year that’s not only happier and healthier, but leaves you more free time to enjoy life instead of keeping the house clean?

The key to reducing the burden on your shoulders doesn’t lie in huge changes, however. Those may be well intentioned, but rarely last past February. It’s in the tiny little changes you make daily – and nowhere is that easier to create and sustain than in your cleaning routine!

If you’d like a New Year that’s packed with more fun and fewer dishes, now’s the time to set some simple little habits to ease the load

Laundry leave you feeling snowed under?

A load a day will make the problem a distant memory.

Do the dishes leave you wondering if there are five extra people at home you’ve never met?

Rinse them after every meal if you’re using a dishwasher, or make sure to power through the load from one meal rather than leave it for a day if you’re washing by hand.

There’s no need to ‘go big or go home’ when it comes to the chores this year. A little goes a long way, instead.

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Put in place some simple daily tasks to help you keep on top of things, and enjoy a home you’re always happy to be in.