Let your natural hair shine

Summer holidays are a great time to temporarily pack away your styling tools and play around with your natural hair texture. Whether it’s straight, kinky, or somewhere in between, figure out which hair products can help your natural hair look its best. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it you’ll also have a brand new ‘do to show off at work.

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Beat the heat with boho hair

Having hair in your neck and around your face can increase heat-related discomfort very quickly. Browse a couple of tutorials and try your hand at bohemian-looking twists, braids and buns that look chic while helping you keep cool.

Ease up on washing

Definitely maintain good hygiene, but if you’re a daily washer it’s a great time to give your scalp a ‘break’ every couple of days – especially if you have sensitive scalp. Keep some dry shampoo handy to refresh your hair, and try a braided style – you’ll have better grip to boot.

Protect, don’t neglect

Just like the rest of your body, your scalp and hair also needs sun protection. While some heat protectants offer a marginal amount of sun protection, there aren’t many SPF products for hair on the market. The best way to protect your hair and scalp is by wearing a hat. If you’re going to spend prolonged periods in the sun, suck it up and apply regular SPF to your parting and hairline. Scalp melanomas are extremely dangerous – you can read more here.

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Consider a cut

Is there anything better than starting the new year with a gorgeous new hairstyle? I can highly recommend cutting your hair before or during your holiday so you have time to get the hang of it before it’s back to business.