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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the Christmas preparations, then find a quiet corner, make some coffee, grab a mince pie (or two) and enjoy this laugh-out-loud Christmas novel

The characters in Sophie Kinsella’s Christmas Shopaholic are so real that you always know someone exactly like them – or even recognise yourself in the pages. And if you’re worrying that you might be a bit of an online shopping addict, then take heart: you have NOTHING on Becky Brandon!

She’s the main character in the novel and a marathon online shopper. In fact she’s started pretending to her husband that she’s meditating – just so she can close the door and shop in private.

Sometimes she’s already forgotten about her orders when the courier companies arrive…

This Christmas, Becky has been roped into hosting Christmas at her house – for the very first time. She’s quite overwhelmed at all the effort it’s going to take to transform her home into a festive wonderland, as well as cater for her eclectic friends and family, but then she discovers that she can order a vegan turkey online…

Will online shopping save the day – or get Becky into more trouble than she’s bargained for (literally)?

You will love this novel because it will make you laugh all the way through it! You will forget about the family squabbles and demanding children in your family as you immerse yourself in Becky’s life and escapades in the quest to make her first Christmas hosting glamorous, stylish, chic and altogether just perfect – without losing her sanity in the process.

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