AKA had the perfect comeback for a Twitter user from Nigeria who tried to insult him while praising Cardi B’s trip to the country

Cardi performed at the Livespot X Festival in Lagos a few days ago and then headed to Ghana for another epic appearance.

Nigerians could not stop gushing about the I Like It rapper’s visit and one man decided to use her trip to shade AKA.

“Cardi B went to Nigeria, met their celebrities and sealed off music deals. Cardi B went to Ghana, ate Ghana Jollof and started purging.

“I pray she doesn’t go to South Africa, who will she meet? A.K.A? That guy wouldn’t mind asking Cardi B to way bill bleaching cream to him,” the Twitter user wrote.

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Instead of going off at the tweep, AKA simply replied: “We had the World Cup. You had Cardi B. Different levels.”

That was not the only shade the Congratulate hitmaker had to deal with from Nigerian Twitter users

While everyone was busy praising Miss Nigeria Olutosin Itohan Araromi for enthusiastically celebrating Zozibini Tunzi’s win at the Miss Universe ceremony, one hater said the shoe was on the other foot, Miss SA would not do the same.

“I guess we will never know,” AKA told the tweep, who has since deleted the post.

AKA ended his surprisingly chilled clap-backs with a picture of Zozibini’s crowning moment and the caption, “NOBODY GON SHAKE MY CONFIDENCE.”

Tension between AKA and some Nigerians may be linked to his Twitter beef with Burna Boy

The rapper exchanged heated words in September in the wake of xenophobic attacks by South Africans.

Burna Boy vowed never to perform in SA “until the SOUTH AFRICAN government wakes the fuck up and really performs a miracle”.

His attention turned to AKA who was involved in a separate beef with a Nigerian rapper YCee.

YCee claimed that South Africans have a “subtle dislike” for Nigerians and used the time AKA complained about losing to Nigeria during a football tournament as an example.

Many did get how YCee could link the two, as AKA was just being a typical soccer fan when he tweeted: “We should have just lost to Egypt… rather than Nigeria.”

Nigeria and SA have a big football rivalry.