Take the slog work out of staying at home for the holidays and give your space a holiday home feel

Staying at home over the summer holidays saves money, but for moms with kids at home, it also means more housework.

It hardly feels like a holiday if you’re always picking up after everyone, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are suggestions for making holidays fun, the housework manageable and giving your space a holiday refresh:

1. Declutter

On your first day of leave, get everyone in the family to help clean surfaces of clutter and identify clothes, books, toys, ornaments, DVDs and CDs that could be donated to charity.

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Clear counters and tabletops, and organised cupboards go a long way in making a home feel calm.

2. Narrow down the DIYs

About that long list of DIYs for around the house – it’s time to cut yourself some slack.

If you don’t spend the entire summer holiday working on your home, pick three to five DIYs that are easy to complete, affordable and will make the most impact in your home, and tackle those only.

3. Give your home a quick refresh

Make your home feel fresh and new with inexpensive but impactful updates, like bright new scatter cushions, bed linen and towels.

These small updates help add a little sense of luxury without costing a fortune or taking up precious holiday time.

Oh, and don’t forget the garden. Even a small outdoor space can be transformed into a relaxing retreat with patio furniture, plants and lighting (click here to learn how).

Small patio makeover ideas

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