Its been one crazy decade. This was the best fashion that came out of the last 10 years…

The best thing about the 2010s was the fashion. These are the top trends of the decade.


Pretty much any cozy boot that looks like UGGs were called UGGs over the last 10 years. Cute and comfy, they did not make a huge fashion statement but they were literally everywhere and as long as there are errands to run on cold days, we will be wearing them.

Short Boot, R139.99

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Sporty Spice would have been proud of how track pants, sneakers and gym bags became part of mainstream fashion. Rihanna and The Hadids were obsessed with athleisure this decade and helped inspire designers to put such looks in every collection.

Trainer sneaker, R199.99


These fabulous accessories need no introduction. Affordable, cute and kinda sexy, we will definitely be taking chokers far into 2020 with us.

Choker necklace, R29.99

Biker shorts

We’re honestly still on the fence with this trend. But thanks to Rihanna and Emily Ratajkowski, 80’s style biker shorts are now wearable anywhere, anytime and we can’t be too upset over a style that’s so comfortable.

Side tape cycle shorts, R79.99

Lets get naked

If you’ve paid attention to any red carpet over the last decade, you’ve seen this trend – the near naked dress. For as many times we predicted this trend would die, it kept coming back even stronger. The safer version of the naked dress is a cute sheer top that you can switch up and wear anywhere.

Mesh top, R69.99

Crop tops

Another ode to the 80s came in the form of crop tops. We love this versatile, cute trend and hope it sticks around forever.

Scarf print bandeau top, R49.99

The Dior pearl earring

Okay, so maybe we don’t have the Dior version, but you probably own (or know someone that owns) a pair of double-sided earrings. The Dior version has been worn by the likes of Emma Watson and has been one of the most elegant trends since then.

2 Pack stud earrings, R29.99