Adele: Eat low calorie foods

Adele shocked her fans in October 2019 when she showed up to Drake’s birthday party looking fitter than ever. The singer is not a big fan of unhealthy diets but reportedly used the Sirtfood diet to lose those extra kilos. The diet is said to focus on low calorie foods to aid with weight loss.

“Sirtfoods” like apples, blueberries and citrus foods are high on the list. The diet also allows for indulgences like dark chocolate and wine.


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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Eat less sugar

Christmas desserts will have you drooling all festive season but think twice before over indulging in sugary treats – especially if you want to beat the bulge in December. Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ditched unhealthy sugars and dairy in 2016. Not only did the eating plan, which was recommended by naturopath, Dr. Nigma Talib, help her keep off extra kilos, but she told InStyle magazine that it did wonders for her skin.

She hasn’t ditched sugar completely, but December might be the perfect time to try her method.

“[Dr. Nigma Talib] believes that good skin and wellbeing starts in the gut. And so she said to me, if you want to get on my plan, you have to cut out sugar, dairy, gluten and alcohol. And I’m not gonna lie, it’s been brutal, it’s been a really big challenge. It took a couple weeks to kind of get into it… I feel fantastic. It’s certainly not something that would be realistic to keep up all year around, but it’s made me much more mindful of my choices,” she said.



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