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The festive season is in full swing and Christmas party invites are rolling in faster than Santa’s elves are making presents

Many people will be tempted to indulge during the holiday period – ’tis the season to be jolly after all – but if you want to beat the bulge, eating healthily is your best bet.

Studies claim that the average person gains around 2,5 kilograms in December, which isn’t surprising considering all the delicious temptation around us.

But if you don’t want to be one of those “let’s join the gym in January” people then eating healthily and exercising is your best way to beat the bugle

Here’s a look at what the stars eat to stay fit during the festive season…

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Jo-Ann Strauss: Travel smart

Former Miss South Africa Jo-Ann Strauss travels a lot throughout the year and December is no different. She enjoyed a snowy festive season in the French Alps with her family in 2018.

While most people use holidays to over indulge, Jo-Ann likes to travel smart. She packs dry snacks in her carry-on luggage to ensure that her kids have something healthy to eat during a flight.

Jo-Ann is not the type to deprive herself of chocolate cake during Christmas but believes that everything should be in moderation.

She also keeps up with her workouts to burn off any extra calories she consumes.

“I prefer beach walks or even hiking up Cape Town’s awesome mountains and hills,” she told Jeff Butterworth about her favourite way to stay fit.



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Liz Hurley: Don’t skip meals

Many people thinking that skipping meals is a great way to lose weight, especially if you indulge at Christmas lunch or a festive season dinner party. Skipping meals, especially breakfast, can actually cause weight gain. Health experts say that missing out on meals can cause your metabolism to slow down, affect your concentration, and make you crave food even more.

Actress Liz Hurley says that she “always” has something for breakfast.

“I like things like an omelet, or I like avocado on toast or some tomatoes,” she told US magazine in October.



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Jeannie D: Change your mindset about food

Jeannie D’s secret to staying fit all-year long is to think different about healthy eating.

“Back home after an incredible holiday and getting back into the ol’ routine! Staying strong and healthy has to be a lifestyle choice.

There is no diet that can do what healthy eating does. Love, honour and appreciate your body!” she once said on Instagram.



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