Before you even ask for a quote, consider which home renovations have the best return value and if they’ll boost your home’s value or not…

Whether you’re planning a renovation to make your new home more comfortable for your family or tackling renovations that will help sell your home, you always need to consider whether the money and effort you put in will pay off.

Small updates make a difference

Interestingly, real estate experts in Canada have found that it’s not the big renovations that help homeowners sell their homes for more.

They say that the best returns tend to come from smaller tweaks. These could be as simple as swapping kitchen hardware, installing new light fixtures and removing outdated decor.

What about kitchen and bathroom renovations?

Apparently they don’t boost sale price in line with the cost of the renovation. In other words, you won’t recoup your renovation spend when selling.

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Renovations that decrease home resell value

And are there renovations that could actually decrease your home resell value?

Yes – the overly personal ones. For example, while you may love your collection of porcelain dolls in custom made glass cabinets, hyper-personalised design choices or less than common features may dissuade buyers or push them to make a lower offer.

How to paint raw brick walls

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