South African socialite Mihlali Ndamase has hit back after being “forced” to comment on Zozibini Tunzi’s win

The influencer was not pleased by the entitled tone which her commenters took.

The week began on a celebratory note for South Africans after Zozibini Tunzi was announced as the winner of Miss Universe 2019. Her name (along with her friend, Miss Nigeria) has been trending since the news broke in the early hours of Monday morning and the congratulatory messages have been streaming in from across the country.

One person who didn’t have the time to comment on Zozi’s big win is Mihlali Ndamase, who had other issues to deal with

The beauty and brand guru took to social media on Monday to complain about a different issue altogether. She explained how, after taking medication to “clean” her stomach, she was woken up by a strong urge to use the bathroom while she was sleeping over at her lover’s place.

The story was as embarrassing as it was hilarious, but one tweep didn’t see it this way. The folllower in question was extremely curious as to why Mihlali was talking about her personal escapades and not taking a moment to congratulate our brand new Miss Universe.

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While Mihlali usually ignores criticism on her timeline, she gave this tweep a piece of her mind when she clapped back emphatically by:

Declaring that she is not the president and therefore not required to comment on every single national matter, and advising the unfortunate tweep to stop asking “stupid” questions.

Read the scathing clapback below if you understand isiXhosa:

Her response might have been funny to some, but others found it to be a pompous display from the influencer – which sparked a debate on the timeline.

This is not the first time that tweeps have tried to dictate Mihlali’s content or asked her to comment on national matters, and while some people believe that she should be using her platform for good, others defended her latest clapback on the timeline.

Do you think that Mihlali had the right to respond as she did?