Mantsoe Pout

Mantsoe Pout was just trying to be a responsible adult; only to arrive home to total darkness.

Well done Eskom, you’ve won again.

Lerato Kganyago

Lerato Kganyago tried to be optimistic when she wondered aloud if KZN might be the only province that is impervious to Eskom’s dark magic.

Her followers, sadly, only had bad news for her.

Jessica Nkosi

Load shedding is terrible enough. Load shedding twice in one day, however, is a living nightmare and Jessica Nkosi simply couldn’t handle it anymore when it happened to her.


Eskom taketh, and sometimes Eskom giveth. Just as load shedding threatened to ruin Boity’s night out, the lights came back on and the party was alive once again.

If only Eskom could do the same for the whole country this December.