American TV host Steve Harvey caused a stir at the Miss Universe pageant with yet another gaffe

The 62-year-old announced that Miss Philippines won the National Costume Competition, only to find Miss Malaysia standing next to him. Miss Malaysia Shweta Sekhon corrected Steve by saying that she had won, not Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados.

“I just read that on the teleprompter. Y’all gonna quit doing this to me. I can read… see this what they did to me back in 2015,” Steve said onstage. 

He was referring to the cringeworthy moment at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant when he incorrectly announced that Miss Colombia had won instead of Miss Philippines.

But it turns out Steve did read the correct winner’s name, with Miss Universe taking to Twitter to clarify the issue.

This only caused further confusion as an earlier tweet stated that Miss Malaysia was the winner.

National costume drama aside, Steve once again won viewers over with his funny comments onstage

But it seems Steve had viewers laughing for another reason – his outfit.

A green and gold blazer he wore was the butt of many jokes.

“Apparently Steve Harvey didn’t have time to change out of his ringmaster’s outfit when he went directly from the circus to Miss Universe!” one Twitter user wrote.

Steve and his wife Marjorie were also spotted backstage, congratulating Zozibini.

“I screamed like she was my child. I was like, ‘Oh my God’,” Marjorie says.

Steve also had Zozi sign his now infamous jacket.

“I’m gonna turn this jacket into something,” he said.

Both Steve and Majorie are big fans of South Africa and have visited at least twice.

Steve revealed during a trip in August, to promote the Mzansi version of Family Feud, that he would like to buy a house in SA.