Miss South Africa Zozibini Tunzi flew South Africa’s flag high on Sunday when she was crowned Miss Universe 2019, but it seems that many people think Wakanda and SA are the same thing

Wakanda is a fictional country in Sub-Saharan Africa made famous by Marvel Comics’ Black Panther.

‘Wakanda Forever’ was trending on Twitter shortly after the 26-year-old was crowned.

Here’s a look at one such tweet;

Many celebrated SA’s win with Wakanda tweets.

While many people meant no harm with their ‘Wakanda Forever’ tweets, South Africans were left fuming

“Is it appropriate to use “wakanda forever” as reference for Miss Universe- South Africa win?? Or does it reek of racism?” one Twitter user asked.

Some Twitter users said yes it was racist while others said it played into the idea of racism.

“Yeah. It’s not necessarily offensive, but it plays around the idea of racism. Because Wakanda is a different country to South Africa. It’s basically like saying konnichiwa to anyone from Asia just because they’re Asian,” one person replied.

Scores of tweets said it was totally unacceptable for people to refer to SA as Wakanda.

“Wakanda Forever”? I know you mean well but we not some random made up country… SOUTH AFRICA… Zozi of SOUTH AFRICA won miss universe not some fictional place, put some respect on our name. #MissUniverse2019

One tweep asked people to drop the “Wakanda Hollywood stuff” a celebrate a beautiful African woman from a real country.

Another Twitter user said the Wakanda tweets were disrespectful

“Can you Americans stop saying this “Wakanda Forever” to anything Africa related. Stop disrespecting us. Congratulations to @zozitunzi for being Miss Universe. We’re proud of you.”

Here’s a look at what others had to say.