Ashley Graham has taken things out of her beauty routine since becoming pregnant

The plus sized model has revealed the changes that she has made to her daily beauty routine since she found out that she was expecting her first child.

She said: “I haven’t really changed my routine since I’ve become pregnant, I’ve just taken things out.”

And the 32-year-old model relies on eye masks and three-times daily moisturising.

She added: “Most pregnant women in their third trimester don’t sleep. And I’m one of them. You know, you see all these people rolling all the time, you [wonder] why they’re rolling. When you’re pregnant, you get puffy!…

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“[The moisturising] is a commitment. But are you committed to having supple skin? Because I am!”

Ashley does still wear make-up but insists that she’s not doing it to “cover” anything up

She said: “I’m not really trying to cover anything up, I’m just trying to make my skin tone even. I mean, the pregnancy glow is there, I can see it.”

Ashley says that pregnancy is “different” for everyone but she has urged people to look to other moms for support and she relies on them to make her feel less “alone”.

She told “Every pregnancy is different. Find pregnant friends, find mommies that have already done it, and you will feel so incredibly supported.

“You are not alone, and those moments where you feel like you are alone, just remember we are all out here doing this, and we need each other.”


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