Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ) viewers just can’t seem to get over comments that Mpumi ‘Mrs Mops’ Mophatlane made on the show about black men

The reality star has come under fire on more than one occasion for her controversial remarks.

Mrs Mops, who is often labelled a diva, caused an uproar this season when she automatically assumed that black men were robbers in a recent episode.

Beauty vlogger Mihlali Ndamase called her out for some of the “cringe” comments she made.

“Bathong Mrs Mops and Lebo’s remarks about the boys in the last episode of #RHOJ were so cringe… ‘OMG, are we gonna get robbed?’. ‘the guys are clean now, they’ve showered. We don’t have to hold onto our handbags anymore’. Bathong,” Mihlali wrote on Thursday.

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Another Twitter user wrote: “Her attitude is nauseating.”

Mrs Mops also came under fire for comments she made about her domestic workers last month

“#RHOJ Mrs Mops please understand that being rich doesn’t mean u insult people. They not maids but helpers and my mother was one and I’m PROUD. U judged those guys bcz u think u better. U forget where u come from with your fake wannabe ACCENT,” an angry viewer wrote.

Some Twitter users labelled Mrs Mops a bully for how she treats her helper.

“Nothing I hate more than bullies and Mrs Mops is one,” one RHOJ fan wrote.

Another added: Those same maids that she was making fun of are the same maids that took her dad’s taxis to work. Same maids that help put her through school so she you can speak that posh English… Mrs Mops.#RHOJ.”

A third commented: “Mrs Mops is so vile, I really liked beginning of this season. The ‘maid’s quarters’ comment was the worst sies.”
Other tweeps called Mrs Mops “rude”, “disrespectful” and “horrible”.

Despite her controversial comments on the show, Mrs Mops has lots of admirers.

“Bare you’re rude, mean n annoying mara I love you like that darling. Give the people things to talk about,” one tweep wrote.

During an interview with Channel24 in October, Mrs Mops admitted that she lost her cool a few times which created some “cringe-worthy moments”

“Normally I’m not like that, I’m very chilled out, but in the show, I do get pushed, and you’ll see that side of me which I don’t like,” she told the publication.

People love drama and Mrs Mops seems ready to give the people what they want.

“The ingredients for a great reality show, I would say, is you need a little bit of drama because without the drama it’s boring, you need somebody who’s neutral, you need a little bit of glam, and you need suspense.”

Here’s look at what others had to say about her antics on the show.