This is the easiest way to drop a hint about what you REALLY want to find under the tree…

We’ve all been there: it’s Christmas morning and you’ve been dropping hints for at least three months about the bracelet you’ve fallen in love with, but when you unwrap that gift from a special someone, it’s a collection of hand creams.

Now, we like soft hands as much as the next person, but in a battle between hand cream and jewellery, we all know what would win! That’s why we’ve found an easy way for you to drop a hint about what you really want for Christmas.

Which Pandora jewellery should be on your wish list?

The most difficult part of sending the wish list will be deciding which jewellery you want. So before you drop that hint, here are some of our favourites.

Wrapped in an iconic shade of night blue and elevated by the sparkle of crystals, the Holiday 2019 collection evokes magic, wonder and nostalgia. Delicate angel wings, asymmetrical shooting stars and shining details remind us of our place in the galaxy.

Shimmering stones cut into modern, geometric shapes create timeless jewellery that is instantly giftable this holiday season. We love these versatile ear jackets that double as a single stud and off-duty cool accessory.

How to use our festive wish list

Have a look at the selection of fabulous festive jewellery below and decide what you’d most like to receive. Don’t worry – we know how hard it is to choose, so you can add as many pieces as you like!

Once you’ve added all the iconic Pandora jewellery you can handle, fill in your details and the details of the person you think should spoil you and click ‘send the hint’.

Before we can send out your hint, we’ll send you an email to check that it’s really you asking to send out the wish list. You’ll need to click on a confirmation link in the email and then, voila, like magic we’ll send your wish list on to a special someone. (If you don’t get your confirmation email, check your spam or promotions folder, it may end up there.)

Pandora wish list

This easy-to-use wish list lets you drop a hint about what you'd love to get this festive season. Choose your favourites and then send it to someone using the form below.

Once you've selected your favourite items above, fill in the form fields below and then select ‘send the hint’.

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