We’ve looked before at how often we neglect to clean the tools we rely on to keep our homes looking great…

Our floor mops can be prime candidates for this neglect.

While we doubt you’ve spent much time thinking about your mop, you really should – and here’s why…

Cleaning your floors with a dirty mop is kinda like rinsing them clean with dirty water – it defeats the point.

Old dirt simply leeches out of the cotton and into your cleaning agent, binding with the water and making the job fruitless.

The icky truth? Scientists have noticed that these mops grow so much bacteria, even bleach or disinfectant in your cleaning water isn’t enough to kill them off! 

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The simplest solution is to look for mop heads that unscrew from the mob handle.

That way, you can toss them on a sanitising cycle in the washing machine, and have confidence in good results.

Be sure to let it dry out in the sun a little afterwards for extra sanitation, and try to never store your mop with a wet head that can’t dry out.