Baby, it’s hot outside! With most of Gauteng suffering under a pre-festive heatwave, you may be tempted to skip the DIY jobs…

This is the perfect time, however, to touch up your exterior paint and give your home a shiny new face.

There’s truly no worse feeling than painting your house perfectly, only to see your expensive wall treatment wash into your perfect lawn as rain pours down on it.

While the heat itself may seem stifling, it’s the perfect conditions to get a dry, even coat of paint that looks great. If you do decide to tackle this DIY job, of course, make sure you take adequate heat precautions for yourself – paint out of the direct sun, stay hydrated, and use your sunscreen.

Lay a good groundwork by pressure-washing the wall clean, then patching cracks and chips before you paint. Work from the top downward, painting the wall and then trimmings and window frames. And always make sure you have someone to support you when using a ladder!

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It might be hot – but the sense of accomplishment you feel will be huge.