In July 2018, Hostelworld, an online reference for travellers looking for hostel and budget accommodation, released survey results indicating that 45% more women chose to travel solo in 2018 than in 2015…

Not everyone is comfortable going solo, however. Nomadic Matt lists concerns about personal safety, lack of company, and introversion amongst the top reason why most people don’t travel on their own.

This is why we have rounded up a list of mobile apps to help you plan and execute a wonderful solo trip. 

Plan plain sailing

Gone are the days of being stuck in restrictive group tours. These days, planning your dream holiday is as easy as whipping out your mobile phone. While the original functionality of apps like Waze, and Google Maps, was to help you from point A to point B, navigation applications are evolving.

Let’s say your dream solo holiday destination is Dakar, Senegal; Google Maps’ Explore feature will show you everything that other travellers rate as good to do in that city. All you have to do is open your Google Maps app, search “Dakar”; select Dakar, Senegal; swipe up; and voila! Not only will you find information on the city’s history, but you will also find all the best restaurants, bars, attractions, hotels, and parks, as listed and reviewed by other “wanderlusters” like yourself.

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Holiday hit lists

While planning sightseeing can be a little bit daunting, you can now remotely explore cities and  earmark potential destinations by using the application’s in-built Lists feature. You can create lists of the different places you want to go and organise them by city or country in the app.

You can then share those lists with friends and family, or even allow them to contribute to your lists by adding suggestions of places they have already been to and think you will enjoy too.

To explore all the lists, curated for a city, just click the ‘city guides’ button and explore at your leisure. Maps also allows you to identify your favourite places or follow places in order for you to receive any exciting events taking place in the near future.

To explore all of the lists, curated for a city, just click the ‘city guides’ button and explore at your leisure.

Pocket assistant

Chances are that your flight details will be stored in your email inbox. If your flight details are sent to your Gmail,or logged in your Google Calendar, the Google App will show you a card a day or so before reminding you of your flight, the terminal you need to be at, and when you need to leave for the airport. It should also show you weather information for your destination, so you know what to pack. Your boarding pass may also appear on your phone, in easy, paper-free fashion.

Pics or it didn’t happen

This is not only our mantra as millennials, but it’s also “straight facts”!  How will anyone know your amazing solo holiday is not just an amazingly tall tale if you have no evidence to show for it? But limited storage space on our phones sometimes means we don’t get to keep all our most precious memories.

Apps like Google Photos that use the Cloud to store our holiday snaps are ideal because they provide unlimited storage, freeing up valuable space and memory on your phone. Photos also allows you to search your photos by people’s names, places, and even objects while also allowing you to create fun collages and animations.

Found in translation

Finding yourself, as you’re bound to on a solo trip, in unfamiliar territory or in front of text in an unfamiliar language, can be frustrating, especially when you are travelling solo. Applications that help you translate text and sounds, such as Google Lens and Google Translate, are great to have in your back pocket.

With Lens, which is available within the Google App, you can get instant information on objects, landmarks and cultural artefacts even if you don’t know what they are called. All you have to do is open the Google App, click the Google Lens icon, hold your phone’s camera up to the object, tap the item on the screen, and the app will give you all the information you need, even translating text that’s in a foreign language.

While solo travel can seem daunting at first, for those looking to try it for the first time and even for the veterans, it’s good to know that today’s technology makes it much easier and more stress-free than ever before.