We may live to cringe about our fashion choices this year, but we did have some good trends too. Here are the good, the bad and the ridiculous trends of 2019.

2019 has been a fashionable year. We started off by embracing ugly fashion, we showed up to parties in clothes we’ve always been too embarrassed to admit we loved, and our favourite celebrities cashed in on a break from conventional style.

We love transparent fashion – to a point

It may have taken a while for the transparent-shoe trend to catch on in South Africa, but now that we are fully on board with showing our toes off in closed shoes, we are loving it!

In fact, South Africans are loving this trend so much that our favourite and yours, Bonang, had to call us to order on twitter for wearing fake, transparent Amina Maudi heels similar to those worn by Rihanna and other celebrities.

Although we love the heels enough to settle for knock-offs, the transparent boot trend is just not catching on. Whether it’s the impracticality of wearing boots with no socks in winter or steaming your feet in plastic boots in summer, we seem to have drawn a line at sandals, pumps and court shoes for now.

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Tracksuit pants and heels shouldn’t be a thing

We love the side stripe on formal pants. It adds a pop of colour and a slightly sporty feel to a smart outfit, but substituting formal pants for an actual tracksuit doesn’t work for us.

The tracksuit and heels outfit isn’t just confusing – it’s just plain wrong, and finding the appropriate place to wear sports gear and formal shoes isn’t a challenge we’re looking to take up.

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Dad sneakers are one of our favourite trends this year

A few months ago we may have turned our noses up at chunky dad sneakers, but having experienced their comfort and realised just how cute they look with a summer dress and well, everything, the only thing wrong with this trend is that it took so long to find us.

The dad sneaker is going to be a trend to let go of; maybe even tougher than letting go of platform sneakers in the ’90s.

We’re glad both trends came back this year.

The moon bag in all its shapes and sizes

The tiny clutch bag is so 2018. This year we’ve been enjoying a hands-free version of the handbag, and we understand all too well why tourists love the moon bag (otherwise known as a fanny pack if you’re American or a belt bag if you’re a fashionista).

When it comes to casual days at the farmer’s market or weekend adventures, there is no better bag. There are also so many styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find one you love.

The jury is still out on cycle-shorts as clothes

We fought the cause for leggings as pants, and while some people still refuse to accept leggings as outer-wear, we, along with Pharell Williams and Lenny Kravitz, maintain that leggings are actually pants.

Cycle shorts, on the other hand, may be trending as the go-to shorts for Kim Kardashian fans, but we still aren’t sure about them counting as outer-wear anywhere except on a bicycle…

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