New technology software launched by the KwaZulu-Natal provincial government at driver testing centres will help eradicate corruption, the Inkatha Freedom Party said on Wednesday

In a statement, it said corruption was rife at some testing centres, with the “buying” of driver’s licenses happening on a grand scale, a scourge it said was contributing to carnage on roads.

“We also call for harsher punishment for those found guilty in the issuing of fake driver’s licenses,” the IFP said.

“We cannot be lenient when their actions place the lives of innocent people at risk. We also call upon community members to report corruption and refrain from encouraging corrupt practices at testing centres. By paying bribes, they are complicit in the corruption that takes place.”

It urged the Department of Transport and other relevant stakeholders to step up visibility on the province’s roads during the festive season and appealed to drivers to exercise discipline, courtesy and patience in order to avoid accidents.

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“The IFP also believes that unroadworthy vehicles have no place on our province’s roads,” the party said.

“We appeal to commuters to report vehicles that fail to comply with the rules of the road. We simply cannot allow our province’s roads to be killing fields when the unnecessary deaths can be prevented by heightened police vigilance, harsher penalties and a renewed culture of respect for road rules.”

Author: ANA Newswire