Did you know that almost half of reported home fires start with grease catching alight in the kitchen?

Obviously, dirty stoves are a huge culprit here, so it’s important to keep the stove top sparkling. It’s a messy job, sure, but it’s key to keeping your loved ones safe.

For detachable burners that won’t come clean with just soap and water, you can drop them into a solution of ammonia overnight to soak.

We suggest popping them in a sealed Ziploc bag, as ammonia evaporates quickly.

By morning, you should be able to wipe off the gunk with ease.

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For flat surfaces that are non-scratch, you can also use a scouring powder (or just bicarb) with your favourite de-greaser to get the job done with a little less elbow grease.

Make sure to clean the nooks and crannies, as well as things like oven and grill racks, too.

Ensuring your stove is free of caked-on grease will make your kitchen a safer place.