If you follow social media trends you would have seen Black Coffee’s name trending this week

But it’s not because he has released a hit single, nor is it because he has achieved yet another massive career feat. Instead, as has been the case for much of 2019, it’s his personal life that is grabbing all the headlines.

This time around, the Lalala hitmaker is trying to clear his name after being accused of fathering two additional children while being married to Enhle Mbali.

The damning rumours did their rounds at the beginning of this week when City Press published an explosive story claiming that Black Coffee had had two children with two different women, two months apart. The story goes on to claim that it wasn’t the DJ who broke the news to his wife, but rather some of his family members – who casually let the secret slip before claiming that these things “happened”.

The source claimed, “People are going to be shocked when they hear the whole truth behind their divorce. What has been reported so far is far from being the truth, worse is coming. What is more disturbing is that these two children are very young – one is 14 months old and the other is 12 months old.

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“What is sad is that the news [about the children] was broken to Enhle informally by one of Maphumulo’s family members who told her that ‘these things happened in a marriage’. Although Mbali was aware of her husband’s infidelity, this broke her heart even more,”

Black Coffee took a moment to speak to the publication and although he didn’t confirm the infidelity, he did take the blame for the end of their relationship

The DJ said; “Yes, I am blaming myself for a lot of things… There was a time when I did an introspection and I realised that people are triggered by many things to behave in a certain way. But now I am clear that everything happens for a reason. I was not perfect, no human is perfect. I take the blame.”

Black Coffee also shared the painful details of the day he received the divorce papers from Enhle.

He continued, “I got a shock of my life when the sheriff of the court served me with divorce summons on the same day that we were supposed to see the mediator. I felt like someone died.”

Needless to say, South Africans are not impressed with the details of the report. Black Coffee’s name is being dragged through the muddy waters of the Twitter timeline by his critics:

Do you think that Black Coffee and Enhle will be able to resolve their divorce amicably?