Karlie Kloss always keeps “a good moisturiser” with her at all times

The 27-year-old model thinks its important to take care of her skin wherever she goes and will always carry moisturiser and cleanser with her.

Speaking to Travel and Leisure, she said: “I really care about making sure I’m taking care of my skin, so a good cleanser and a good moisturiser and hand sanitiser are in my bag at all times. I love Estée Lauder skincare, there’s an ANR syrup that I use for everything.”

Karlie had previously opened up about another beauty hack she has – she always carries a teaspoon with her to get a really “tight curl” on her lashes.

She said: “This teaspoon is very functional; it’s in my bag at all times for whatever the needs are. One tip and use of a teaspoon that I learned backstage from Pat McGrath at a fashion show way back when was to use a teaspoon to really get a very tight curl on the lash … you can really get right onto the lid and pinch it. This is my eyelash trick.”

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And the blonde beauty is always “fixing” her make-up in the “back of a taxi” as it’s a chance to refresh your look on the go

She said: “I don’t know about you but I personally find I’m constantly on the go fixing my make-up in the back of a taxi cab, or a bathroom. I need a refresh and to touch up my skin. I take concealer under the eyes, around your nose, around your lips to refresh your look, I like to use concealer over foundation because I don’t like that caking look on my skin, if I have an acne spot or dark circles under my eyes I’ll use a heavier concealer.”

Author: BANG Showbiz