‘Decks’, or wooden stoeps, are a fabulous way to add value to a home without laborious digging and pouring of concrete…

They have a reputation for being far more difficult to maintain than a brick, concrete or tile porch, however, that they don’t entirely deserve. We take a closer look.

Most worries centre around the upkeep of the wood. Surely it will be a splintery, rotten mess within a few years?

Not necessarily. Of course, quality construction using suitable planks and allowing for airflow circulation and water drainage is key to keep your wooden stoep looking great for years to come.

Upkeep after that is pretty simple. All you need to do is maintain the preservation technique you used regularly

For paints and varnishes, that’s typically every one to three years.

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Good maintenance and a little care should prevent splintering from occurring. If you do notice a broken plank, take care to replace it immediately.

A broom will be good enough for day-to-day cleaning.

Should you need a spring clean, haul out the pressure washer – it will restore everything to good-as-new status.

With a little care and attention, a wooden deck can last just as long as other equivalents.