Gleaming stainless steel looks fresh and attractive. Not so much when it’s full of grime, fingerprints and scratches…

Fortunately, we have all the information you need to keep your kitchen looking great.

We’ve looked before at keeping stainless steel appliances looking fabulous, but what’s to be done about your sink?

The very nature of dishwashing soap means it washes away grease, so we can’t use the usual trick of buffing with a little baby oil.

Fortunately, you probably have the solution in your kitchen drawers

Simply buff the sink and fixtures with the waxy side of some baking or oven-proof wax paper.

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The wax will do the same job as oil normally wood, but due to it’s thicker, stiffer nature, will not immediately be washed down the drain when you run the water.

Voila! A gleaming sink can be yours, hassle-free.