One thing any well laid out kitchen needs is a ‘grease hood’ over the stove. This ever-so-useful appliance absorbs airborne oil and grease from the cooking process, as well as soaking in smoke. The end result? A cleaner, healthier kitchen that looks great…

While you may already have a hood installed as part of your kitchen suite, they’re also pretty easy to retro-fit if you have an older kitchen. They don’t even cost a lot!

It’s going to be important to maintain your hood, however, or its efficacy will decrease with time. Some electrical hoods work similarly to bathroom extractor fans – you flip a switch, and the fan sucks the dirty air through a vent in the ceiling.

Here, you need to make sure the fan blades are free of dust and moving smoothly – a bad bearing can be a fire risk.

For non-electrical hoods, there will likely be a filter to clean. It’s not the most pleasant of processes, as the grease trapped can look a little gross!

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If you have replaceable filters, simply swap them out on a regular basis – at least once a quarter. Permanent filters are more eco-friendly, but need active maintenance. Soaking and scrubbing in a mix of very hot water, dish soap and baking soda should do the trick.

No matter what style of cooker hood you use, it’s an investment that’s sure to pay off.